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*** Mandatory update ButKoin Core Green v1.3.0.3 (Jan 7, 2023, 10:34 AM GMT+1) !!! Butkoin Smartnodes or wallets prior to v1.3.0.2 do not sync after block 406.902. More information on the release page and at Discord. ***

ButKoin (BUTK) is a digital currency based on Dash. ButKoin supports instant transactions, extremely low transaction fees, CPU and GPU mining with ASIC/FPGA resistant algorithms as well as Smartnode collaterals. This guarantees the most secure and ecological way for blockchain operations. The reward structures are all listed in the white paper (need to be updated).

Where to buy ButKoin?

ButKoin (BUTK) can be traded on the decentralized crypto exchanges Exbitron and BitSails.

The maximum supply of butkoin is 21,000,000,000 BUTK (21 billion). The current supply is 1,700,000,000 BUTK with a daily growth of approx. 5,940,000 BUTK through CPU Mining, running Smartnodes and the low transaction fees.

ButKoin Smartnodes

Butkoin increases security by operating Smartnodes. These nodes (formerly called Masternode) introduce a collateral of 15,000,000 ButKoin each. 169 Smartnodes hold 1,140,000,000.00 BUTK or 30.44% of the current supply. Operators or owners of a Smartnode earn BUTK for secure operation.

The collateral stays safe in your wallet at any time! Upon registration, you will receive a security token to install your Smartnode.

Smartnode owners can participate in the governance of Butkoin. So take part in the decision-making process for the future development of Butkoin.

Butkoin Downloads

Current release is ButKoin Core Green v1.3.0.3 (Jan 7, 2023, 10:34 AM GMT+1). Update as soon as possible. Nodes prior ro release

Other Resources

Visit other ButKoin sites or services, browse documentation or watch videos how to setup miners or Smartnodes.

Where to mine ButKoin?

Miners are incentivized with 75% of the total coinbase or 3,750 BUTK per block!
ButKoin can be mined with CPU or GPU using the ASIC/FPGA resistant algorithms Sha256d, Lyra2, Yespower, Ghostrider or Scrypt.


Terms of Usage:
Usage of Butk for any illegal activities is not encouraged by both the ***butkoin developers*** or the ***butkoin teams*** and if you use it for any illegal activities you are liable for your own usage and the developers or the ***butk team*** would not be hold liable for your illegal usage. Illegal activities include ***scamming people***, ***stealing***, ***terrorism*** and all illegal activities in your country according to your country laws.

License: MIT License (MIT)

*Butkoin price calculation: The estimated Butkoin price is calculated by the 24h average price of the markets available for ButKoin, weighted with its volume during this time. The currency conversion is carried out with data from the services of exchangerate.host. The current estimated Butkoin price is updated every 30 seconds and available here.

ButKoin is a decentralized secure cryptocurrency © But Project
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